Country of origin:Spain
Area of origin:Ibiza (Balaeric Islands).
Lifespan:12-14 years.
Grooming:Very low.
Watchdog ability:High.
Protection ability:Very low.
Date of Origin:3000 BC.
Other Names:Ibizan Hound, Ibizan Warren Hound, Ibizan Podenco, Ca Eibisenc, Balaeric Dog.
Original Function:Hunting rabbits.

For many years, this breed was considered one of the ancient dog breeds. It was believed the Ibizan Hound originated in ancient Egypt, as pictures that appear to be of Ibizan hounds have been seen on the walls of ancient pyramids dating back to 3000-3400 BC. where it hunted with the Pharaohs..
The Podenco Ibicenco, also known as the Ibizan Hound or Ibizan Warren Hound or Ibizan Podenco or Ca Eibisenc or Balaeric Dog
This breed originates in the Balearic Islands of Majorca, Ibiza, Minorca and Formentera, where it is known by the original name of «Ca Eivissec». It is also widely found in Catalonia, round Valencia, in the Roussillon and in the Provence, where it is known by the names Mallorquí, Xarnelo, Mayorquais, Charnegue, Charnegui and Balearic Dog. Probably these dogs were brought to the islands by the Phoenecians, Carthaginians and eventually also the Romans.
This dog is a typical primitive and robust representative of one of the oldest still existing breeds. Illustrations of these dogs are found in the graves of the Pharaohs and on objects in museums, so that the existence of the breed can already be proved in the year 3000 BC
It spread to mainland Spain and to southern France as well. Its main task was to hunt rabbits; with its large ears held erect when alert, this hound hunts by sound, as well as sight and scent.
The Podenco Ibicenco is mainly used for hunting rabbits without guns, by day and at night.

In country of origin varies between 56 and 74 cm (22-29 in), but balance is overriding factor.
There is no preference for size within this range. Sizes slightly over or under the norms are not to be regarded as demerits when other qualities are good.

The Podenco Ibicenco is an elegant and agile breed with an athletic and attractive outline and a ground-covering springy trot. Though graceful in appearance, it has good bone girth and is a rugged/hardy breed. Its large upright ears - a hallmark of the breed - are broad at the base and frame a long and elegant headpiece. The neck is long and lean. It has a unique front assembly with well laid back shoulders and straight upper arm. In this way it is different from most other sighthound breeds in construction. It comes in both smooth and wire coated varieties. It is either red or white or a combination of red and white. Its nose is flesh colored, as are its ears, eye rims, and pads of feet

Podenco Ibicencos are very intelligent, active, and engaging by nature. They generally make good house dogs, but are active and athletic, therefore need a lot of daily exercise. They do not make good kennel dogs.
The Podenco Ibicenco is proud, sensitive, loyal, intelligent, and adaptable to many situations. It is a very active and alert dog, better suited to rural living; however, with proper exercise it can also thrive in an urban environment. Males may not get along well with each other.

White or red, (from light, yellowish-red called "lion" to deep red), solid or any combination of these. No color or pattern is preferable to the other. Disqualify any color other than white or red.